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Fast Food

I don’t know what it is about food manicures lately, but I’ve been really liking them hehehehe. I decided I’d do a fast food themed manicure, and I think it turned out pretty cute! These nails are sure to be noticed! Are there any die hard food lovers out there that will be trying out this design? 🙂

image (26)

image (27)

image (28)

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Old-Fashioned Fabric

 Hey! This manicure is inspired by some old-fashioned fabrics that I recently saw. I  love going to fabric stores if I’m looking for something to paint – the fabrics have so many cute little patterns which means tons of nail art possibilities for a nail junkie like me!

    image (22)      image (24)

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Hey! Today I have a fall-ish manicure to share with all of you lovely people! Now I know fall is just starting, but I couldn’t help but to do a fall manicure! I get so excited when different seasons come because that means I can create new designs that go along with them. I decided to do pumpkins for my first fall themed design. The gorgeous bronze base color is “Fall Mood” by Revlon, which I thought was an appropriate color for this manicure 🙂

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Kawaii Fruit

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing this Kawaii Fruit design. I really love it, and every time I look at my nails it makes me happy hehe (: I had a blast creating these cute little fruits. What nail is your favorite?

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Blended Colors

Hey! This manicure was one that I was sad about when it started to chip. It almost has a water-color affect to it, and it would be cool with nearly any color combo. All I did was painted my nails one coat of white, and then dotted blobs of different nail polish over that with a dotting tool.  The design looks best if you sort of blend the colors together with your tool. This was soooo easy to do – you really can’t mess it up.

image (17)

image (18)

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DIY Paper Wreath

Hey guys! This wreath that I’m sharing today looks so awesome, but all it’s made out of is paper and a tiny bit of cardboard! I got this idea online. Mine turned out pretty huge (because I used big pieces of paper) but wreaths like this can easily be made to the size of your liking.  I’m contemplating where this beast is going to hang, but I know I want to put it somewhere! If you’re looking for something to hang on an empty wall, you might want to consider making one of these (:

                                                                                          image (14)

  image (15) image (16)

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